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Maintain perfect temperatures, trim energy costs, and customize your indoor climate room-by-room.  A ductless heating and cooling system provides a flexible solution for just about any challenge.  Converting a basement or garage to a work or living space?  Putting on an addition?  Have a room that’s typically too hot or too cold?  Ready to get rid of space heaters, portable air conditioners, and fans?  No ductwork?  No problem.  Apex Energy, Inc. offers single and multi-zone styles, and we usually complete your entire installation project in one day.  There’s no need to cut into or tear down walls.

You’ve probably heard of ductless split systems. You’ve definitely come across the streamlined indoor air handlers installed high on the wall of homes or commercial establishments. Despite the slim profile, these compact systems offer exceptional heating/cooling capacity, maintaining ideal year round comfort in nearly any application.

Family owned and operated, Apex Energy, Inc. looks forward to solving your toughest challenges with the latest in ductless innovations.

Enjoy the benefits of ductless heating and cooling!

Here’s a few of the many benefits of installing a ductless system:

• Cost savings – These efficient systems operate on less power than conventional HVAC units, and because the heated/cooled air is supplied directly into the room, there’s no energy losses along the way.
• Ease of installation – running on small pipes that require only a three-inch hole in an exterior wall, these compact systems incorporate without major disruption and are typically operational in a single day.
• Flexibility – Requiring nothing more than access to electricity and mounting capability, ductless units incorporate into nearly any size, layout, or age of home or business without damage, compromising architectural integrity, or detracting from aesthetics.
• Improved IAQ – Multi-stage filtration works to significantly reduce dust, bacteria, pollen, mold spores, and other airborne allergens.
• Smaller carbon footprint – The small size and zoned operation achieves exceptional efficiency, not only trimming costs but reducing impact on the environment.
• Zoned temperature control – Focusing heating and cooling into a single room accommodates preference and occupancy and avoids paying to maintain perfect comfort when no one’s around to enjoy it.

Apex Energy, Inc. partners with Bryant to offer a selection of innovative, efficient, and effective single and multi-zone ductless systems.  Extensive line lengths, variable-speed inverter compressors, auto restart after power outages, fixed or oscillating airflow, and up to seven fan speeds are just a few of the rewarding features.  Each indoor unit includes a wireless remote, allowing you to switch easily from heating to cooling, or quickly increase or decrease temperature.  With the ability to power up to nine indoor units from a single outdoor unit, you’ve got a lot of options.  These compact yet powerful split systems require little more than a three-inch hole in an exterior wall, yet are tremendously efficient, enhance air quality, and operate no louder than whisper.  You can even make adjustments and check the status from your smartphone.  

Contact the ductless specialists from Apex Energy, Inc. for further information, and let’s get started! Two Waynes … No Waiting!

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